Audit Services

Auditing is about creating security in your business. Our skilled and experienced auditors perform independent audits to proactively monitor your company’s finances to find the best solutions, both short and long term and always in close collaboration with you as a client.

Client focus

RSM's auditing specialists are FAR quality-assured, with broad experience from a variety of companies and industries. We believe that the key to effective auditing is good communication between the auditor and the company. We want you to use our expertise as an integral source of financial information, enabling you to make the most important business decisions with ease.


The lead auditor is actively present and closely involved in the full process, which creates good opportunities for the auditor and the client to develop together.

This ensures:

  • Fast and efficient communication between client managers and the auditor.
  • Effective and efficient project management with the focus on the right areas at the right time.
  • Immediate access to our expertise whenever you need it.

Being available and giving quick and correct answers is part of our promise to our clients

We want you to have a carefree everyday life, and therefore promise a 24-hour contact guarantee. It should be easy to reach your accountant with questions - no matter how simple or complex.

Our strengths within auditing solutions
- Active and close involvement of signing auditor
- Excellent staff retention for continuity
- Counsultants develop with the client
- High availability - 24-hour contact guarantee
- True dedication from all consultants

Audit services with continuity

We always strive to retain the same team throughout the audit process. This means that we can work with maximum efficiency, while the team get to know the nuts and bolts of each company's operations, business processes, challenges and needs over the course of a relationship built on long term foundations.

Global network

We boast a global network of accountants, tax lawyers and financial consultants, so you can always get in contact with the right person, regardless of your country of interest.

All RSM-offices in the world work on the basis of a common quality standard with established structures for planning, implementation and reporting of audit assignments, meaning that minimal time is spent on coordination and reporting of the audit. Should you have intentions to start offices abroad, our international reach can help.

Please contact your local RSM office if you want to know more about our auditing services.


How can we help you?

You are always welcome to contact us at one of our offices in Sweden. Telephone Numbers can be found under "Contact" in the main menu.

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