Client focus

RSM's auditing specialists are FAR quality-assured, with broad experience from a variety of companies and industries. We believe that the key to effective auditing is good communication between the auditor and the company. We want you to use our expertise as an integral source of financial information, enabling you to make the most important business decisions with ease.


The lead auditor is actively present and closely involved in the full process, which creates good opportunities for the auditor and the client to develop together.

This ensures:

  • Fast and efficient communication between client managers and the auditor.
  • Effective and efficient project management with the focus on the right areas at the right time.
  • Immediate access to our expertise whenever you need it.
M&A Transaction Services

Vår arbetsmodell

Hög tillgänglighet av partner och manager Genom att arbeta i små team med hög delaktighet från partners och managers säkerställer vi att vi alltid är "hands-on" och väl samordnade för våra kunder.

M&A Transaction Services

Kunskap och erfarenhet

Agil, med global räckvidd Vi arbetar med små team som har bred erfarenhet av transaktioner, samtidigt som vi drar nytta av kompetensen som vårt stora internationella nätverk för med sig.

M&A Transaction Services


Stort rådgivningsföretag med fokus på SME-marknaden Vi fokuserar på små- och medelstora transaktioner – SME-marknaden förblir det primära investeringsområdet för strategiska och finansiella investerare.

Global network

We work in close collaboration with the Nordic RSM offices and are often involved in international transactions, both with private equity and industrial clients. Through the RSM network, we have access to broad global expertise and additional capabilities. We can therefore put together teams across national borders when the transactions require this. 



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