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Corporate tax advice built to suit your needs

A complete tax strategy is essential in modern business. When successful, proper tax planning increases your profitability potential and protects your income. We create tailored tax strategies for all types of businesses, with experience spanning established blue-chip corporations through to burgeoning start-ups at the beginning of their life cycle. With tax consultants based at our offices worldwide, we can offer you detailed knowledge of the global regulatory environment and comprehensive taxation advice for your business operation. We have an in-depth knowledge of current rules and regulations which will provide you with sustainable tax strategies for both individual and company-wide scenarios.

Get help from our experienced tax consultants

We will give you practical, business-oriented and socially responsible advice through our experienced tax experts. Our commitment is to find you the best possible tax solutions for your business, with your company's integrity and reputation as a priority throughout our consultation.

We also offer expertise in tax litigation and tax issues – two other important areas where our skilled and dedicated tax lawyers can make the difference in key business outcomes.

Tax Specialists at family-owned companies

At RSM, family-owned companies are one of our specialties. We have extensive experience of establishing reliable long-term planning for family enterprises in areas such as generational change, restructuring and relocation.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, buyout of a partner or taking on new partners, there are many aspects to consider at both corporate and partner levels. We will help you overcome such challenges in the most tax-efficient way possible, with our tax solutions refined to your unique needs and conditions.

A global network of experienced tax specialists

If you run a global business that navigates the varied and complicated tax rules that apply across worldwide markets, you’ll know what a challenge it can be to create proper and efficient tax planning. Through our global network of tax experts in all jurisdictions and daily updates on our in-depth knowledge of local conditions and regulations, we can help you meet this challenge.

Our strengths within tax services:

  • High availability – 24-hour contact guarantee
  • Personal contact alongside a tailored approach
  • Minimal bureaucracy and swift decision-making
  • Fast and accurate response
  • A proactive, not reactive, approach

If you’re looking for taxation advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Please contact your local RSM office, where we will put you in touch with one of our industry experts.

How can we help you?

You are always welcome to contact us at one of our offices in Sweden. Telephone Numbers can be found under "Contact" in the main menu.

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