Your natural sounding board 

No matter your business situation, no matter your operational needs – every business can benefit from good advice at some stage or another. Our Business Advisory Services will act as your natural sounding board in simple, everyday issues as well as in more complex financial challenges. Advisory solutions that focus on the finest details of the smallest problems to general answers on large scale business affairs. No question is too big or too small for our team. 

A personal business advisor 

We offer a personal contact to follow you and your business every step of its lifecycle. We know from experience that an in-depth approach with open, clear and actionable communication creates the best possible outcomes. We focus on developing strong client relationships built on an understanding of what matters most to you. It’s our dedication to the creation and retention of great business partnerships that distinguishes us in the advisory services market. We want RSM to be your first choice in business advisory solutions.


We will always strive to understand you, your goals and your ambitions in business strategy


We offer local and global expertise to your business through dynamic ideas and insight from our highly experienced senior management. It’s imperative that you, as a client, feel that we truly understand the needs and the culture of your business, so that we can provide the best possible advisory solutions to give you ultimate confidence in your decision making.

 Our strengths within consulting

  • Efficient and quality-assured financial advice 
  • Broad expertise built up over years of industry experience 
  • Dedicated consultants, with a personal contact always on hand 
  • Focus on dynamic long-term relationships that works 
  • Hight avaliability 
  • 24-hour contact guarantee 
  • Short, sharp decision paths


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