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Switzerland has long been an attractive destination for expatriates and entrepreneurs, and for good reason. The country has stunning natural landscapes, great tourist attractions, a solid infrastructure, and a very high quality of life. This is largely due to Switzerland’s focus on safety, efficiency, and preserving the country’s identity.

About 2.2 million foreign residents live among Switzerland’s 8.8 million permanent residents. The majority of these are from EU states, including Italy, Germany, Portugal, and France. However, there are also 189,100 residents of Asian origin and 118,900 of African origin. As the population is reasonably multicultural, foreigners feel immediately welcome in the country.

This brochure has been prepared to provide general information and a general overview on how to do business in Switzerland. It covers many topics targeted at individuals and companies alike, as well as providing useful information for business planning. The information in this brochure should not be considered as legal advice and serves only for informative purposes.

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