Our values

Nos valeurs fondamentales | RSM Switzerland

Discover the values we believe in! 

Our five core values - excellence, integrity, teamwork, respect and stewardship - are not just words on a web page. They touch everything we do, from the clients we work with to the people we employ. They help us create a dynamic and supportive environment that encourages new ways of thinking and helps everyone to be their best.


Being the best in everything we do. We achieve distinction through the quality of our work, standards and operations.


Acting ethically and honestly. We stay true to our values in our decisions, commitments and communications.


Working collaboratively and transparently. We cultivate genuine collaboration within our business, in our community and across borders.


Being considerate towards others. We display respect in each interaction with our clients, colleagues and stakeholders.


Delivering better results for our clients, people, shareholders and the community. We improve by developing our people, promoting diversity, building our brand and supporting our communities.