Our history

Discover the history of our company through the important dates that marked the creation of RSM Switzerland:

  • RSM International was founded in 1964. At that time, this small network was called LHBD.
  • In 1993, the organisation restructured and changed its name to RSM International.
  • In January 2006, Jean Stephens became the first female CEO of a top 10 international network of accountants.
  • In 2014, RSM celebrated 50 years of existence!
  • Since 2015, RSM has lost its "international" name and become simply "RSM".
  • In 2018, RSM Switzerland SA was created following the merger of the Swiss entities of the RSM network.


Where does our name come from?

The name "RSM" is simply a historical recognition of our past and the founding firms of the network:

  • Robson Rhodes (UK)
  • Salustro Reydel (France)
  • McGladrey (USA)


What does our logo mean?



  • Grey: the grey block stands for a relationship based on a solid and reliable foundation.
  • Green: the green block represents our positive, idea-driven and responsive approach.
  • Blue: the blue block symbolises forward movement and the achievement of future goals.