RSM Switzerland


Thomas Laube

Office : Zürich

Thomas is a member of the Board of Directors of RSM Switzerland Ltd., RSM Audit Switzerland Ltd., RSM SME LLC and of the management of the Zurich branch. He is the responsible Partner for the Accounting & Employment Service Division in german-speaking Switzerland, which supports RSM's national and international clients with a wide range of outsourcing- and consulting services.

Thomas is a federal certified public accountant and fiduciary with a federal diploma. He speaks German and English.

Thomas has extensive experience in accounting, auditing, tax and payroll administration. He worked six years for KPMG in the finance department and then worked for nine years at Balmer-Etienne in the audit sector before joining RSM in 2010. Thomas was leading the Accounting Division until 2017 before taking over the responsibility for the new established Accounting- and Employment Service Division.

Besides he is acting as a board member of several international clients of RSM in Switzerland. In this role, Thomas supervise the financial activities and compliance with local laws and advise on the choice of legal forms and structuring of companies.

Thomas specializes in accounting, payroll, global mobility, work permits, VAT- & direct tax compliance and corporate law & compliance. Furthermore, he supports the M&A and audit practice in Switzerland.

News articles

Tax reform on Swiss employment withholding tax: what’s new in 2021?

6 August 2020
The new Federal Law on withholding tax on employment income will enter into force on January 1st, 2021 and includes a whole series of new provisions. What new challenges will Swiss taxpayers and employers have to face and how to best be prepared for it? We provide you hereafter with the key elements of the reform. The ultimate rational behind th...

Increase in AHV contributions in Switzerland from 1 January 2020

6 January 2020
The AHV wage contribution in Switzerland will increase from 8.4 to 8.7%. This means that the AHV/IV/EO contribution rate increases from 10.25 to 10.55%. Employer and employee continue to share the 1st pillar contributions equally. This adjustment is due to the entry into force of the Federal Tax Reform and Social Security Financing Act (STAF) on 1 ...

FABI - Restrictions related to deductible commuting expenses

29 September 2016
Link zum FABI-Newsletter in Deutsch: RSM SWITZERLAND AG | NEWSLETTER 09/16 The deductible amount for commuting expenses has been reduced to an annual maximum of CHF 3,000 as far as the direct federal taxes are concerned. The cantons are free to ...