RSM Taiwan, established in 1950, is currently a member firm of RSM International in Taiwan. Leveraging the global member network constructed by RSM, we provide specific and comprehensive international services to clients, offering high-quality professional services such as accounting, auditing, consulting, and specialized advice with unified and comprehensive service standards. This ensures that clients from anywhere can access our services and assistance.

RSM International spans across 120 countries worldwide with over 820 service locations. Through rigorous membership assessments and regular quality control processes, we ensure the continuity of our global service network and stability in delivering high-quality services. With an extensive resource network and robust collaboration among members, we are committed to enhancing customer service and efficiency anytime, anywhere, delivering greater value to clients through global resources and professional skills.

We possess extensive experience handling projects for clients across various fields and scales, including publicly listed companies, private enterprises, government entities, and financial institutions, spanning multiple industries such as consumer goods, manufacturing, hospitality, biotech, high-tech components, wind power generation, and real estate leasing. Apart from traditional auditing and tax services, we offer a range of business solutions and consulting services, including corporate succession, risk consultancy, transfer pricing, outsourcing, internal control planning/inquiries, project guidance, management consulting, and ESG advisory.

Since our inception, we've continuously grown and developed, remaining committed to assisting clients in navigating the ever-evolving global market by providing the required professional services. In the future, we aim to consistently pursue the highest quality and utmost satisfaction in service delivery, offering exceptional support to clients. As we expand and enhance our service scope, we are dedicated to collaborating with clients for mutual growth. We firmly believe that through continuous efforts and professional dedication, we can create broader development opportunities and sustainable success for our clients. We look forward to partnering with you to create a better future together.

Our Core Value

We are dedicated to delivering services of exceptional quality, accomplishing our mission with utmost efficiency. Simultaneously, we continuously enhance the professional skills and practical knowledge of our team members through ongoing education and training. This enriches the depth and breadth of our service offerings.

By combining our firm's expertise with our exceptional team, we aim for clients to receive satisfactory services at reasonable costs. We aspire to grow together with them, hand in hand, towards success.


Exceptional Service Quality

We strive to deliver exceptional quality services, providing clients with the best results and experiences.


Continuous Professional Education

We continuously invest in education and training to ensure our team stays updated with the latest knowledge and professional skills.


Collaboration for Success

We collaborate with clients, growing together and pursuing success collectively.


Diversified Service Expansion

We constantly expand our service areas to meet the growing needs of clients, offering more comprehensive solutions.


Balancing Cost Efficiency

While delivering high-quality services, we also prioritize cost efficiency to ensure clients receive optimal value in return.


Empowering individuals and businesses to shape a brighter future through our trusted professional expertise and unwavering integrity.

Experience The Power of Being Understood

When clients engage with us and other members of RSM, they receive more than just the assistance of professionals. They experience a service founded on patient listening and deep understanding. Our service teams are committed to comprehending client needs, tailoring the most fitting ideas and insights to assist them in making confident future decisions. This embodies our 'The Power of Being Understood,' offering clients a unique experience brought by RSM.


 haveloba firms in 120 countries, with a presence in each of the top 40 major business centres throughout the world


RSM Taiwan has service locations in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, aainannd Kaohsiung.


We currently have 20 CPA partners and over a hundred professional service staff.

Our history


Amid shifts in the domestic investment terrain and growing corporate funding requisites, the demand for professional accounting firms in the market has surged. CPA Chiu Lang-kuang (邱朗光) established one of the earliest professional accounting firms in the country, Kwang-I & Co., CPAs (廣益會計師事務所). Since its establishment, Kwang-I & Co., CPAs, under Accountant Chiu's professional expertise and stringent quality benchmarks, has continually showcased exceptional performance and accomplishments in assisting companies with public stock offerings and listings.



During the rapid expansion of the domestic export industry in the 1970s, accompanied by significant increases in production scale, businesses were continually growing. In this evolving landscape, the existing management methods and financial planning of companies gradually became inadequate. To provide clients with superior guidance in corporate management and tax planning, CPA Jimy Liu (劉燈發) established 'Earnest & Co., CPAs' (益群會計師事務所) in that era. With Accountant Liu's wealth of experience and expertise in tax planning and operational management, he has consistently garnered praise and acclaim from clients over the years.



To offer clients a more diversified range of choices and services, CPA Chiu and CPA Liu decided to merge the distinctive expertise of their respective firms, establishing 'Kwang-I Earnest & Co., CPAs' (廣信益群會計師事務所). Beyond expanding the scope of their original characteristics, their commitment remains centered on delivering the 'highest quality' and 'most satisfactory service,' consistently providing clients with superior service."



As the economy expanded and foreign investments surged, aiming for a global perspective, we joined RSM International, becoming the sole member firm in Taiwan. Our aspiration is to leverage RSM's global network to offer clients more specific and comprehensive international services, ensuring that clients from anywhere can access our assistance and benefit from our services.



To foster cohesion among alliance firms and convey a shared belief in 'The Power of Being Understood,' RSM unveiled a new logo. Additionally, RSM unified the renaming activity across global member firms to strengthen connections within the network. Aligning with RSM's initiative, we renamed our English name to 'RSM Taiwan.'



To establish trustworthy client relationships, we actively collaborated with RSM Global schedule to attain the ISO 27001 certification. This certification involves implementing and maintaining Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) processes and control measures. These efforts effectively identify, manage, and mitigate information security risks, demonstrating our commitment to safeguarding client data.

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Having undergone over 70 years of growth, our firm has become a reputable accounting firm. In the future, we will continue to uphold our founding principles, delivering the best services to our clients with an even more rigorous approach.


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