We assist clients in auditing corporate income tax settlements and declarations, ensuring compliance with our country's tax regulations and accepted accounting principles. Our primary aim is to prevent clients from overpaying taxes or incurring penalties due to a lack of understanding of these laws. Furthermore, we provide sensible advice and consultations to effectively manage tax burdens.


Our team possesses extensive expertise in tax, accounting, and administrative laws, enabling us to handle various complex tax cases. Within the legal framework, we offer accurate and relevant professional advice to safeguard client interests.


Our services include:

  • Tax consultation and advisory services
  • Assistance in initial public offerings (IPO)
  • Mergers and acquisitions tax support services
  • Tax project review services
  • Tax planning services
  • Transfer pricing schemes
  • Corporate income tax settlement and certification
  • Transaction records audit or accounting processing audit (choose one)
  • Consultation and services for tax administrative relief
  • Tax optimization advice within legal boundaries


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