In choosing your auditor, you require a firm that conforms to rigorous standards of professional competence, maintains independence and objectivity and who upholds client confidentiality. That’s what you can expect from RSM. We provide Audit & Assurance services across a multitude of business sectors upholding these tenets. 

We aim to provide high-quality auditing services that complies with the International Standards on Auditing and blends technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of how your business operates and what your needs are. In conducting an audit, we attach importance to internal controls including reconciliation procedures. We ensure that all audits are early-planned, controlled, recorded and reviewed with a high level of partner involvement at each critical stage of the engagement. The result for clients is an effective, cost efficient, value-added, independent audit, performed in a timely manner by experienced professionals.

The key elements of our approach include:

  • Obtaining an understanding of the client's business from both a finance and business perspective, including the nature and size of the business, the control environment, the style of management, and the economic and legal environment in which the entity operates
  • Detailed audit planning, including an assessment of risk and planning our responses thereto
  • Thorough briefing of the engagement team
  • Responsiveness to changes that may arise during the engagement
  • Working closely with the management thereby ensuring "no surprises"
  • Adherence to quality control policies at each stage of the engagement

At the end of each audit, we add value to your business through the provision of constructive and pragmatic advice through a management letter.

We are able to carry out statutory audits, auditing of performance information and performance auditing for public sector organisations. Auditing of performance information involves providing assurance on performance information produced by Governments for tabling in Parliament, while performance auditing involves the evaluation of the measures instituted by management to ensure that resources are procured economically and used effectively and efficiently.

We have also developed sector specific audit methodologies for sectors such as financial services. In the context of the NGO sector we undertake audits, reviews, and mid-term and final evaluations of donor-funded programmes, based on the donor requirements stipulated in the grant agreements.

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