At RSM, we understand clients’ needs and objectives. Our tax professionals offer pragmatic solutions to clients across different jurisdictions, thereby ensuring that the tax burden is no higher than it should be. 

The key services we provide include: 

  • Acting as your tax agents including advising you on the payment of instalment and final taxes, review of tax computations, submission of self-assessment returns and handling routine correspondence from the revenue authorities. 
  • Tax advisory and planning services in areas of direct and indirect taxation both at the national and international levels. This includes reviewing the tax implications and providing tax efficient solutions on proposed business transactions including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and business restructuring. 
  • Tax treaty interpretation involving an analysis of the provision of tax treaties with a view to developing tax optimisation strategies.
  • Tax incentives including advising on tax incentives available for investments.
  • Registration with the relevant revenue authorities.
  • Tax exemptions for qualifying organisations, including advising on tax planning opportunities available for new investments.
  • Carrying out tax health checks to ensure compliance in all areas of direct and indirect taxation.
  • Carrying out VAT refund audits and following up on tax refunds from the revenue authorities.