We offer consultancy services to support your business and work with you to propose solutions that answer your needs.

Management consulting

Planning and improving efficiency are key ingredients to successful business management. We offer sound commercial and pragmatic guidance to improve business performance and enhance shareholder value. 

The range of services include:

Assisting clients in formulating annual to long-term business plans using a bottom-up participative approach. These plans set out the organisation's objectives and strategies to achieve the objectives, and the financial and non-financial parameters against which actual performance can be measured. Research proves that organisations which use planning as a management tool outperform, on revenue growth and returns, organisations that do not do so. 

We are able to advise on restructuring of businesses including re-engineering of the business processes, diversification and disposal of non-core units leading to better cash flow management and profit enhancement. 

We develop policy and procedures manuals using a process mapping methodology, and thereafter facilitate implementation by providing training. In the process of development, we benchmark the current policies and procedures against industry best practices. 

Setting up financial accounting systems including designing the chart of accounts. Our IT team is able to assist you through various stages of computerisation including preparing comprehensive request for proposals; assisting you to identify the software needs; project management during implementation; and carrying out user acceptance testing.

Strategies for business growth

Challenges that businesses face when wanting to grow are substantial. We aim to understand your objectives and are passionate about delivering a service that helps you succeed. Some of the services we can help with are:- 

  • Business & Brand valuations 
  • Preparing a strategic plan 
  • Conducting a full operational business review 
  • Advising and assisting with new territory business entry strategies 
  • Profit maximisation strategies

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