Risk management will assist management and governance to:

  • Improve the identification of opportunities and threats.
  • Further develop the governance and control frameworks within your organisation.
  • Help your organisation operate efficiently and contribute to improved performance.
  • Aid decision making and planning by accounting for uncertainty and assessment of actions that may or may not have taken place.

At RSM, we specialise in managing risk. We have a comprehensive range of risk management services designed to bring a new perspective to complicated issues within an organisation which include:

  • Risk management consultancy: This involves undertaking a strategic review of the current and potential risks applicable to each business area and developing controls which addresses the risk.
  • An extension of the risk management services is forensic services, which involves providing an independent, proactive and a responsive service where facts, financial data or people behaviour do not conform to expectations. Our team is innovative and flexible, placing great emphasis on value-added benefits. Services provided include:
    • Investigations whereby our diverse team of investigators, forensic accountants and other professionals conduct both large and small investigations involving allegations of fraud; investigate alleged financial statement manipulation; investigate electronic records using some latest forensic technology; and gather and document facts and findings coherently and comprehensively.
    • Fraud and misconduct diagnostics thereby helping organisations to protect value in their business through an effective analysis of fraud and misconduct risk. Using a flexible diagnostic methodology, we look at culture, ethics, management and rewards structures, communications and controls to assess whether aspects of your business environment are particularly conducive to fraud and misconduct.
    • Procurement fraud assessment which involves assessing the strengths and controls over the procurement process or to verify representations made by organisations and individuals with whom you conduct business transactions.