Outsourcing Services

Companies require accurate and prompt financial information for decision-making and performance monitoring. Therefore, preparing accounts accurately and reporting financial transactions correctly is crucial. It needs to be carried out by professionals who know the current rules and regulations.   

By choosing outsourced accounting services, you are likely to receive a high-quality service that ensures your company’s accounts are balanced and compliant. At RSM Turkey, we have a team of highly trained accounting staff that are experienced in responding to our clients’ needs, providing efficient, timely and cost-effective accounting services. 

Outsource Accounting Services 

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Preparing monthly recordings and bookkeeping according to Turkish Accounting Principles
  • Calculation and Approval of the VAT, Income Tax withholding, Stamp Duty, Ba/Bs
  • Declarations of the VAT, Income Tax withholding, Stamp Duty, Ba/Bs forms
  • Preparation of the P/L and Balance Sheet on monthly and quarterly basis under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in Turkey 
  • Advising about the Tax Legislation developments and regulations 
  • Follow-up communication with Tax offices
  • Matching of the bank statements with the monthly accounting recordings and Reconciliation of the accounts
  • E-archiving of the declarations
  • Preparation and Declaration of Pre-Paid Income and Corporate Tax (Quarterly)
  • Preparation and Declaration of Corporate Tax (Yearly)
  • Payroll
  • Providing consultancy on payroll issues and social security legislation
  • Preparing social security declarations
  • Handling applications for new recruits and leaving personnel
  • Preparing payroll reports and the related accounting records
  • Providing pay slips
  • Drafting employee contracts

Reporting Services 

  • Preparation and submission of the reporting package for the consolidation purpose
  • Reporting of the financial statements for IFRS and US GAAP purposes
  • Compilation of the financial statements for special reporting
  • Company Establishment 
  • Company creation
  • Providing consultancy on the structure of the Company to be created
  • Drafting all the required documents at Company creation such as articles of association, circular of signatures and proxy statements
  • Tax office registration and social security registrations of the created Company
  • Providing domiciliation services for the address registration 

General Assembly Services

  • Preparing all the required documents for the general assembly:
  • Preparation of the decision of the shareholders/directors for the general assembly
  • Preparation of the annual balance sheet and income statement to be approved
  • Preparation of the activity report for the fiscal year-end
  • Preparation of the subordination report for the fiscal year-end
  • Preparation of the list of shareholders attending the meeting 
  • Preparation of the minutes of the general assembly meeting
  • Company Liquidation
  • Providing Company liquidation services and appointment of a liquidator:
  • Preparation of the decision of shareholders for liquidation
  • Appointment of a liquidator 
  • Preparation of the announcements for the creditors 
  • Preparation of the announcements for the debtors
  • The audit and reporting for the sale of inventory and stocks
  • The audit and reporting for the collection and payment of receivables and payables
  • Preparation of the final general assembly

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