RSM in Ukraine has launched the RSM Activities program aimed at strengthening capabilities of the team. One of its areas - Health Activities - will help build fortitude, physical endurance and team spirit, while the other - Corporate Activities - will create conditions and additional opportunities for communication, learning and development.

RSM brand promise “The Power of Being Understood" has acquired one more shade of meaning for us – to better understand each other.

As part of a new initiative, RSM in Ukraine recently had an exciting trip to the Carpathian Mountains to reach the summit of the Ukraine's highest peak Hoverla.

For many, it was an old dream coming true, for others - a starting point to determine new goals and objectives.

It was a real challenge, but the team’s solidarity, support and self-confidence helped everyone to reach the top and achieve their dream goal.

Another unforgettable experience was rafting and exploring Carpathians on off-roaders.

"It was a real hunt for emotions. And we got them in full!” said the participants who are already waiting for new trips.

The active weekend in the Carpathians showed that RSM in Ukraine is a team that can conquer any summit.