Our experts are certified valuers in Ukraine with 15+ experience of providing professional services to large corporations and SME.

Main objectives for valuation:

  • Loan collaterals (pledged property of the bank)
  • Making reasonable management and investment decisions (market value of property or company)
  • Purchase and sale agreements and other operations with transfer of title (for notaries )
  • Transfer of established company in the authorised capital
  • Court litigations (compensation of damage and loss, distribution of assets, etc.)
  • Presentation of assets in IFRS financial statements (for accounting)
  • Property insurance
  • Property for lease agreements
  • Valuation of property in case of liquidation
  • Valuation for tax purposes

Valuation objects:

  1. Company assets, including:
    1. Real estate, land plots and their titles, including:
  • Housing property
  • Commercial property
  • Engineering constructions, roads, etc.
  • Construction in progress
  • Land plots
    1. Machinery and equipment
    2. Movables
    3. Shares and securities
    4. Property titles and intangible assets
    5. Intellectual property rights

Integral property complexes, separate enterprise or business.

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