Introducing effective and actionable internal auditing support in your organization is one of the keys to establishing a strong and successful corporate governance framework.

Without a proper internal audit function, many global businesses have suffered due to inadequate controls and management of their risk. As such, it’s essential that your organization identifies and addresses the dangers most pressing to it and establishes the controls, checks and balances that will look to guarantee economic stability.

Our internal audit specialists offer an independent, objective analysis of your operations via a deliberately systematic and considered approach that will help you to understand the true efficacy of your current procedures. From there, we can create actionable internal auditing solutions that look to add value to your business, helping you to install watertight financial procedures that aim to stand the business in good stead for the foreseeable future.

Combining in-depth understanding with proactive resolutions, our globally recognized and internationally accredited internal audit services will mitigate your risk while developing value-added strategies to make a difference within your organization.

Bespoke internal audit support that reflects the challenges facing your organization

Our experience across the global internal audit market has taught us that no two businesses, or their in-house operations, are the same. Thus, our approach begins with really getting to know the individual identity of your organization.

Our internal auditors will do a full analysis of your current procedures, allowing us to identify any deficiencies present in your processes and highlight the most pressing areas that require improvement. We do this by working alongside your relevant personnel, helping them to understand our risk assessment process and understand the current levels of compliance in established procedures.

The end goal is to highlight the financial, strategic, and operational risks facing your business, both big and small, right now and in the future. Through that understanding and utilizing RSM’s global platform in the sector, our internal audit experts can offer both proactive and reactive solutions that will help your business to safeguard against and overcome those potential bumps in the road.

Address the challenges that matter most to you through RSM’s internal auditing solutions

Efficiently rendered internal auditing services have an undeniably positive impact on the value created within an organization. With the new economic and financial framework, the growth of regulatory requirements, good corporate governance and the increasing number of risks faced by an organization, the work of independent internal auditors has never been more relevant or valuable.

At RSM, we collaborate with you to identify areas for improvement and achieve your corporate objectives, analyzing and improving the internal audit function through implementation of variety of processes, including:

  • Creating and managing the internal audit function
  • Integral risk management strategies
  • Optimizing the performance and documentation of audits and risk prioritization
  • Auditing and reviewing internal or outsourced processes
  • Supporting, co-sourcing and conducting internal audits of specialized areas and units, centers and local offices

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