Access to OneGate via CSAM or an electronic certificate

As from 1 January 2024, accessing OneGate is no longer possible through a username and password, but only via CSAM or an electronic certificate.

Export Declaration when the counterparty's VAT number is unknown

For export declarations, if the VAT number of your counterparty ("partner ID number") is unknown, the following codes should be used:
•    QN99999999999: for private customers;
•    XX999999999999:  if the VAT number is not identifiable in the case of triangular trade ("XX" is the country code of the counterparty. Note that:
•    Greece: country code: EL (not GR), 
•    Northern Ireland: country code XI
•    QT999999999999:  for legal entities not subject to VAT
•    QV999999999999: in all other cases (already existed).

Annual review of the commodity code nomenclature

The updated complete nomenclature for 2024 (38 changes) is available on the 'Nomenclature' page of the National Bank of Belgium website

The VAT team of RSM Belgium ([email protected]) is happy to assist you with further questions on this matter.