The international fight against marine litter and the UN agencies against plastic is supported by Europe’s plastic Tax.

Royal Decree in Belgium bans several single-use plastic products as from the 17January of this year.

The use of certain single-use plastic products has been prohibited with the aim of reducing plastic consumption. Europe has introduced a levy on non-recycles plastic packaging.
Belgium reports annually on its plastic waste and this will be converted in a heavy levy on waste . 


Reduce and Prevent
The goal of the Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Directive is to prevent and reduce the impact on the environment of certain plastic products and to promote a transition to a circular economy.

Since 24 January 2022, the use of catering products and non-food related products are banned by a Royal Decree.

  • As of the 17 January 2023 shopping bags, plastic cups (single use plastic items) are forbidden by Belgian law.
  • From 3 July 2024, plastic caps and lids must be attached to plastic bottles and beverage containers.
  • From 2025, beverage bottles made of PET must consist of at least 25% recycled plastics. By 2030, this should be at least 30% for all plastic beverage bottles of up to three litres.
  • Other key measures to come include introducing extended producer responsibility, a separate collection target for single-use plastic bottles.


The environmental inspectorate plans to control the application of these requirements, penalties will reach between € 50 and € 100.000, and eight days to two years of prison time.