Daniel Kroes
Expert in transaction services, company valuation and due diligence.

Daniel  has a multidisciplinary expertise : transactions, valuations,  due diligence, audit, business plan models, risk analysis, financial reporting , SWOT, data analytics, digital, governance, business transformation.

Daniel has more than 30 years if experience in audit, (vendor) due diligence, transaction services, company valuation, business modelling and risk analysis. Daniel is "solution oriented", able to manage crisis situations, pragmatic and energetic. Daniel has a Master in Commercial Sciences (ICHEC) and is a registered auditor since 1991.


What will Daniel and RSM offer you?                            


Selling your company or buying a company? RSM and Daniel will provide you with all the necessairy (technical) support to make your transaction successful. He will identify the key elements for a good and professional preparation of your transaction. Also, RSM and Daniel will provide you with the necessairy recommendations to close the deal successfully.


What is your business worth? Valuation is key for an M&A transaction but also needed for many other purposes. These include tax (estimating arm's length values for group subsidiaries and intangible assets), disputes (estimating damages due to breach of contract) and financial reporting (impairment reviews). Daniel will lead you through the different valuations methodologies, assist you in documenting the key assumptions and help you conclude on the appropriate business value.


Looking at the "target company" , Daniel will help you identifying relevant sources of value and risks in order to increase your chances for a successful transaction. He will guide you through all the due diligence criterial aspects, incuding assessing risk and compliance issues, conducting tax and financial planning, determining cash flows, and identifying hidden costs.

His experience of transactions will be key every time a decision needs to be taken in the due diligence process.


Facts about Daniel


  • Past President of the Belgian Institute of Registered Auditors.
  • Judge at the Commercial Court
  • For more than 30 years as partner from a big 4 firm, Daniel  acquires a thorough experience of belgian, international, multinationals and medium sized companies
  • Daniel has worked in various industries : automotives, life science, technology, digital, media, recycling, engineering, public sector, …