Gert Van Leemput

Year of birth : 1972
  • Commercial Engineer at the University of Hasselt (1190-1994).
  • Registered Auditor since 2003.
  • He possesses many years of experience in the external audit of large Belgian and international companies (amongst which also stock-quoted companies).
  • He is mainly specialized in audit engagements in the industrial, logistics, engineering, real estate, advertising and public sector.
  • He has a broad experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), due diligence engagements and valuation of medium-sized companies.
  • He has an extensive knowledge of the IFRS standards.
  • He has a good knowledge of internal controls, risk management, Sarbanes Oxley and internal audit.
  • He has a broad experience with regard to legal missions (contribution in kind, quasi contribution, mergers, dissolution and liquidation, ...) and consolidation projects.
  • He is a member of several professional organizations such as VKW and VOKA.