Marie Delacroix

Year of birth : 1975
  • Master in law (UCL 1998).
  • Master in audit and accountancy (Cooremans Institute - Brussels 2001).
  • Registered auditor (2006).
  • ICHEC - Certified Internal Control Specialist.
  • She has an extensive experience in performing audits in different economic sectors as the industrial, financial, and non-profit sector especially in the hospital sector.
  • Guest lecturer at the Cooremans Institute (Ethics and professional standards).
  • Guest lecturer at ICHEC, where she instructs “financial consolidation practices and legal audit requirements" to master students.
  • She has experience in judicial missions.
  • Former editor of the Memento since 2005 (ed. Corporate@Copyright). Last copy has been made in 2020.
  • Former member of the commission "specific missions" of the Institute of Registered Auditors.
  • Guest speaker: audit of hospital sector, financial fraud, accounting in non-profit organisations, relationship between partners.