Ivan Horvat

Ivan Horvat is a partner and manager in RSM Croatia d.o.o. , a certified auditor and a court expert in finances and accounting  with over 30 years experience. He is a head of the audit for economy and non-profit clients, specialized in the utility sector.

When did you join RSM? 
Ivan joined RSM from the very beginning, more precisely when RSM Croatia joined RSM International in 2012. 

What does your role entail? 
As one of the main auditors in Rsm Croatia d.o.o. Ivan is an expert in the field of auditing financial statements for utility companies, he is also a court expert in accounting. 

What are the most interesting aspects or challenges you find most interesting about your role – and in this role at RSM?
 Ivan mainly works in the auditing of financial statements for utility companies and trains new auditors in this direction, which enables them to develop their practice and provide a great talent experience for their people. Ivan enjoys supporting her RSM colleagues to achieve personal growth and professional success in their roles and which encourages them to use their unique skills and expertise, which ultimately brings value to RSM clients. 

What are your hobbies or interest outside of RSM? 
Ivan is also passionate about the global nature of our work in assisting business leaders to enter new markets with the help of RSM advisers, and collaborating on diverse, multicultural teams. Outside of work, Ivan likes to spend time with his family, especially his grandchildren. 

He is a passionate vintner and enjoys spending his free time in nature, thus recharging his batteries in order to be as good as possible in his professional work. 

Career timeline
 - RSM Croatia – May 1993 – today – partner and director 
- SDK - ZAP Koprivnica – January 1986 – April 1993 – Manager – head of inspection and audit teams 
- Bilokalnik d.d. – January 1981 – December 1985 – Head of the analysis plan and department

 Professional certification 
- Entrepreneurship coach, (1999), Ministarstvo gospodarstva Republike Hrvatske
 - Certified auditor (1993), Hrvatska revizorska komora 
- Zagreb Faculty of Economics (1975 - 1980) – mag.oec.