RSM El Salvador


Our People

Eric Keller

Over 30 years of experience in the Accounting, administration, and financial areas. He has developed solid skills ranging from bookkeeping, accounting, to Cash Flow management and Investment. As Managing Partner, he is key in the decision making process. He has excellent management, organizational and administrative abilities highly eveloped and oriented to compliance of established requirements of each work. He has also participated as Board Directors member of several US companies.

Mario R. Navas Aguilar

Audit partner with more than 38 years’ experience in auditing, accounting and consulting in public, private and government institutions. Extensive experience in energy, mass consumption, manufacturing, technology, media and communications, public sector and real estate. Certified in IFRS for small medium companies, currently director at the CVPCPA (Salvadorian public accounting regulatory board) and more than 35 years in a big 4 firm.

Lizette Keller

Over 23 years of experience in audit, accounting and consulting, she is Audit Partner for Private Companies, International Contact Partner and Partner in Charge of the Consulting process of adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards. She has ample experience in Audit and consultancy, including the commercial, industrial, services and governmental entities. Also, she has worked for European Union projects and other international organizations. Her experience has given her techniques and the ability to be part of a Quality Control Reviewers Team of the Salvadorian organization Consejo de Vigilancia de Profesión de la Contaduría Pública y Auditoría.

Eneyda Saavedra

Over 16 years in professional experience in the public accounting profession starts as Administrative Assistant, Audit Assistant up to Audit Manager. Engagements under her responsibility cover sectors such as commerce, industry, services, gas, food, non-profit organizations, among others.

Leonet Zelaya

For more than 20 years he worked at the Ministerio de Hacienda (Government Tax Department), as chief Tax Auditor, Tax Incentives Auditor, coordinating tax audit team engagements, amongst other related functions. He has also given seminars on fiscal and tax issues in different entities. His experience at the Government Tax Department has allowed him to become a successful advisor and tax auditor for RSM clients, where he has been assigned to audit companies in sectors such as commerce, industry, services, gas, food, non-profit organizations, government funded projects, etc.


Vicente Pérez

Over 23 years of experience in the accounting and administrative area. Leadership ability to work with a team, capacity for analysis and troubleshooting. Master in the accounting process and financial statements, compliance with government bonds, portfolio analysis of accounts receivable and payable, cash flow control, and tax calculation and employee benefits , preparation of contracts, payrolls, accounting systems, control/management of legal books, stewardship, application of tax and labor laws.