We can offer professional consulting advice to support your business in the short, medium, or long term. We want to help you meet your objectives and our approach is all about working collaboratively to secure the desired outcome. 

Our consulting specialists can provide accounting support, IPO application advice, business plan support, and they can help you undertake any financial due diligence. There’s no area we’re not familiar with, so you can rely on us to deliver the solutions that work for you. 

Read on to find out more about our range of consulting services and how they could benefit your organization. 

The scope of our consulting services 

Our consulting specialists can offer their services across a broad range of business considerations, which you can read about in greater detail below. 

Business strategy/master planning 

All businesses must have a purpose, a strategy, a person in charge, a certain timing, and different resources to be implemented successfully. Our consulting specialists are prepared to help you define important and/or urgent matters and design the strategic planning for the short, medium, and long term of any project. 

Economic-financial evaluation and project feasibility analysis 

Every business project requires an appropriate previous economic and financial evaluation, determining the financing channels and their cost, identifying the appropriate timing and financing terms, estimating the investment repayment capacity, and analyzing the economic and financial feasibility of projects and start-ups. 

In this respect, our team of professionals may provide assistance and advisory in the evaluation and feasibility of business projects. We also offer advice on the development of budgetary schemes and comprehensive economic-financial projections. 

Marketing consulting 

Our team can help you analyze your client portfolio, define business planning processes and methodologies, implement marketing plans, design franchises, define brand, product, channels and integrated communication strategies. Also, we're prepared to provide help in product launching and development, market measurement, the study of habits and attitudes, and running competitive and localization analysis. 

Strategic alliances and identification of opportunities 

Numerous business opportunities in the market frequently require alliances with other companies, be it competitors or complementary organizations. Our consulting specialists may help you discover such opportunities, identify the most appropriate allies, or help you close any other alliance. 

Administrative and business processes 

Every organization has processes in place that must be implemented, improved, or adapted to adjust to changes in businesses or human resources, new software, new activities, improvements in controls and functions, and organizational growth. 

We are prepared to diagnose administrative and business processes and to recommend and implement solutions and changes. Furthermore, we design and adapt procedure manuals, and help organizations adapt to ISO standards and money laundering regulations. 

Choice of IT solutions 

We start by doing a comprehensive diagnosis of the organization at large and its specific needs to find the most appropriate IT tools. We have system experts that provide help and advice in the selection of the best IT solution for your company. 

Project management and implementation control or corporate systems 

Our team of system experts can help you specifically on two key aspects that are commonly required by many companies: advice on the implementation of a selected IT solution that will be implemented by a third party and auditing of the solution implementation. 

Superior control system/balanced scorecard  

Business leaders and company managers need accurate and timely information on an ongoing basis for decision-making. Generally, such information is available, but not promptly. We can help you discover what type of key information is needed at all times as a basis for proper company management and implement a simple IT solution (SCS or BS) to help you access such information online. 

Process outsourcing 

Organizations find on many occasions that, based on the degree of difficulty or timing, it is more convenient or more efficient to outsource certain processes. Some processes, like payroll processing, tax settlement, insurance management, and others are usually performed outside the company. 

Without prejudice to the above stated, some other processes like billing, collection, inventory-taking, document control, document digitalization, contract administration, subsidy application, insurance management, dispatch control, and goods reception can also be outsourced. Our team of consulting specialists is prepared to provide the best solution for any matter and streamline any process. 

Human resources 

We can assist you in headhunting, organizational structure and change, training, motivation, and efficiency of human resources, social costs involved, implementation of performance assessments, internal communication, and other areas. 

Business and managerial coaching 

This implies assisting managers in decision-making. For different reasons, business leaders frequently find themselves in the need of being assisted or advised by consulting specialists they trust. 

Evaluation programs and cost reduction 

We can assist you in analyzing your company overheads, assessing the incidence of fixed and variable costs for correct and appropriate decision making, and help you reduce unnecessary expenditure and/or optimize costs. 

Management outsourcing 

This area comprises different services, such as corporate or personal property management, project management, and control and interim management. 

Why choose our consulting specialists? 

Backed up by decades of experience, we're ideally positioned to offer professional consulting advice across numerous areas of your business. We’ll take the time to gain an understanding of your organization and how it works so we can offer support where it’s needed most. 

Everything we do will be geared towards driving a successful outcome that satisfies all stakeholders. And if required we can always tap into RSM’s global network, which spans well over 860 offices in 123 countries. 

Should you wish, you can read more about us and get an idea of the key values upon which our offering is based.  

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