RSM, through its global network of professionals in finance, accounting, and audit. offering a high-quality auditing methodology in Central America. This encompasses ongoing investments in tools and processes to ensure consistent and high-level audit services. Our methodology complies with International Audit Standards and is based on a risk-focused approach, enabling us to accurately allocate resources to address specific risks within each business. Additionally, our systems auditing approach focuses on three key areas: assessing general IT controls for security and technological maturity, verifying the configuration of enterprise systems for effectiveness, and validating information and user satisfaction to ensure useful and accessible systems.

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • IT Audit
  • AML Audit
  • Operational, Management, and Results Audit
  • Fixed and Mobile Assets Inventory Audit
  • Trusts, and Autonomous Assets Audit
  • Labor Audit
  • Bank Secrecy Act

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