Every organization is different, but some fundamental needs are applicable across the board. You need a partner who can provide domestic and international auditing support to help you deal with a range of challenges. That’s where RSM El Salvador comes in. 

We can offer sound, impartial advice and guidance allied with industry-leading auditing services, providing valuable information to all stakeholders. We want to help you meet your objectives, and our audit and assurance support will be carefully tailored to suit your company’s requirements. 

Read on to find out more about the professional auditing services we can offer.  

Our approach to providing audit and assurance support 

All financial auditing is carried out through the application of RSM International Assurance Regulations. These are strictly based on the International Audit Regulations issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and establish a methodology comprising technical, ethical, and quality control aspects of the work. 

Concerning the technical aspects of our auditing services, we follow the same methodology applied by all RSM International member firms throughout the world. This methodology is based on five stages: 

  • Client acceptance – re-evaluation: All clients go through this stage annually for us to assess whether the associated risk is such that we will be able to accept and commit to working with them. The client’s integrity and management are evaluated, as well as its going concerns and our capability to fully develop the assignment. 
  • Pre-planning: This stage involves obtaining necessary information about the client and its business to shape our auditing services effectively. The main concern at this stage is to acquire an extensive background of knowledge on the client’s business and identify areas of risk. 
  • Planning: It is during this stage that the audit is designed to assure that material errors are detected. In this way, the global audit plan and the programs that establish the nature, opportunity, and extension of the different procedures are developed and documented in accordance with the determined global risk and the control environment. 
  • Development of the audit: In this stage, the technical audit specialists carry out the tests specified during the planning stage, evaluating the evidence and making conclusions regarding the fair presentation of financial statements. 
  • ​Completion of the audit: Having finished the fieldwork and reached conclusions, we are ready to prepare two important documents. In the first, we provide our opinion on the reasonableness of the client’s financial and economic position. The second document is a recommendation report that we offer as value-added to our work. 

What is RSM Orb?  

RSM Orb is our optimal risk-based financial auditing methodology, deployed across more than 100 countries worldwide.  

  • Designed with a focus on the middle market  
  • Scales with client complexity to provide a robust, quality audit  
  • Adapts to differing circumstances and your unique business risks 
  • ​An efficient and innovative technology platform  

RSM Orb enables us to develop a deeper understanding of your business, providing you with critical insights now and for the future. 

  • Consistency: A consistent approach across any number of operations and jurisdictions, tailored to your unique risks and circumstances 
  • Innovation: Optimizing our use of technology in how we plan and conduct our work to enhance your audit and assurance experience 
  • Critical insights: Pinpointing those areas that require closer scrutiny and enhanced judgment, enabling us to be more effective in addressing risk areas and adding intellectual value and critical insights 
  • ​Confidence: Delivered through robust and considered planning, an efficient technology platform, and a highly qualified, experienced team 

Our financial auditing services 

The scope of our expertise is extensive. The following are some of the auditing services we provide: 

  • Audit of financial statements for both national and transnational firms 
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements 
  • Audit of listed companies 
  • Audit of financial institutions 
  • Due diligence audit 
  • Operational and management audit 
  • Internal audit 
  • ​Audit with the application of international accounting standards 

Why choose RSM El Salvador for audit and assurance support? 

Our core values include integrity, independence, and commitment. Those qualities underpin our entire scope of auditing services. We have decades of experience and are part of RSM’s global network, which spans well over 860 offices across 123 countries. That means we’re perfectly placed to provide international auditing support as well as offer our services at a more localized level. 

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