Trailored solutions for complex transactions 

Whether you're preparing your business for a transaction, conducting due diligence, looking to raise funds, seeking support through the course of the deal, or integrating a new business into the fold, our experts can advise and guide you throughout the process to find the best solution for your organisation.

Our corporate finance advisory services are built to create value within every facet of your business. Offering fiscal insight along every step of your transaction timeline, our bespoke approach is always focused on creating strategic solutions that make sense for you.

Our commitment is total – offering the same corporate finance solutions to larger corporates and SMEs alike. From public equity houses to public bodies, our transaction support spans the full spectrum of commerce and industry. Our four main corporate finance advisory disciplines are restructuring support, transaction support, valuation advisory and dispute advisory.

With our teams’ expertise rooted in a global network of knowledge, we are one of the most active corporate finance advisers in Europe. Taking a proactive approach to our work, we will help identify and nullify potential issues in M&A processes before they materialise. With this, you can benefit from informed and actionable advice based on years of supporting major investors, banks, large corporate and SMEs.

Restructuring support

Our restructuring teams work with the advisors, lenders, creditors and trustees within your business to understand your immediate needs. By doing this, it enables us to offer the tailor-made restructuring support and solutions you need. Our department services can include:

  • Development of turnaround strategy
  • Simplification of corporate structure to manage risk
  • Monitoring of emerging risk
  • Preservation of value on real estate projects
  • Realising value within the realm of formal insolvency
  • Securing funding solutions
  • Identity and recovery of assets within contentious insolvency.

In essence, the above demonstrates the comprehensive restructuring support that we provide in order to aid you at every stage of the business cycle.

Transaction support

Our transaction support teams will meet your business at whatever stage of its development necessary – covering a swathe of key areas including capital markets, due diligence, financial modelling, M&A, project finance, sale and purchase agreement and valuations.

If you’re in the process of acquiring a business, we can help you before or after the purchase. We’re here to support you in all sorts of business transactions, whether it’s locally or globally.

Valuation advisory

Definitive valuations within both the commercial and public sectors are a prominent challenge. Our valuation advisory team work with you to offer you total confidence in our value insight. This allows you to know the true worth of what’s in front of you. From taxation and financial reporting through to buy out of departing shareholders, we’ll make sure you’re not estimating over the odds.

Dispute advisory

Forensic accounting has changed significantly in recent years. But our experience and strength of network remains steadfast, adapting to this change. It ensures we are in position to help you through turbulent periods of settlement negotiations, commercial disputes, professional negligence, sale purchase agreements, personal injury more.

Our dispute advisory team take a considered approach to your unique challenges as a business – but maintain their objective to add value for you wherever possible.


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