What does it mean to you to have true security in your business? Our audit services create that security – and not only offering you technical excellence from a pure auditing standpoint. We also provide you with constructive and effective improvement propositions that your business can act upon right now.

We create those actionable audit solutions through an immersive, in-depth knowledge of your business. Our audit specialists work cohesively alongside you to find out what it is that really makes your operation tick. Our auditing process is proactive, not reactive – with an emphasis on developing long-term relationships with you through a dedicated and precise service.

We’re proud to offer internationally accredited audit services, developed by RSM International off the back of a truly global network of leading industry professionals. We utilise world-class proprietary technology to create fully paperless audit solutions that focus on strategic planning from the outset. The final aim of this is to maximise the benefits of the audit, while causing the minimum amount of disruption to your day-to-day operation.

Our audit services

  • Statutory Audit
  • Information systems audit
  • IFRS standards
  • CSR information audit

Our auditing strengths

  • Hands-on senior involvement: Every single assignment matters to us, which is why we ensure the lead auditor on your project is active and closely involved at all times.
  • Anytime availability: round-the-clock contact guaranteed.
  • International expertise: full dedication from all our audit specialists, drawing on the knowledge and experience gained from RSM’s expansive global network.
  • A focus on generating clients for life: an emphasis on creating long-term relationships with our clients, based on a truly effective service and proactive, not reactive, auditing.
  • Audit services with continuity: as part of our goal to achieve long term relationships, we understand the importance of good staff retention and maintaining the same teams throughout our audit processes.

US GAAP & IFRS standards

IFRS standards are used in more than 100 countries worldwide. Our IFRS experts allow you to forge a link between your business activities across the globe. This helps you to adapt to IFRS standards depending on your business, managing the ever-complex nature of regulations and assisting with your IFRS audit process.

For clients in the American market, we offer the same streamlining process – fully aligning your business with American accounting regulations.

Statutory Audit

We see statutory audit as an opportunity, rather than an obligation. This means we use it as a process that can help improve your business. We take a shared, targeted and pragmatic approach based on the standards of our global network, providing statutory audit solutions with a bespoke touch in order to maximise the benefit to your business.

Information systems audit

As the backbone of your business, it’s essential your information systems are fully controlled and secured. Our information systems audit process offers a comprehensive range of support services. With this process, we will enable you to use your systems as a genuine source of leverage to enhance your day-to-day operation.

CSR information audit

As with statutory audit, we use CSR reporting obligations to your advantage. This is designed to help you to better understand the reporting process, your CSR indicators and ensure regulatory compliance.