Employment & labour law audit / HR audit

An audit of your company's social practices enables you to anticipate the risks associated with employment and labour law action, social security and/or labour inspections. It allows also to put in place actions to maintain a good social climate on a daily basis. Th is audit aim at identifying non-compliance issues with regard to the legislation and conventional provisions applicable to your company.


Efficiently manage your HR policy

Audit of HR social practices

  • Analysis of recruitment formalities and employment contracts
  • Application of the collective bargaining agreement (working hours, remuneration, classification, etc.)
  • Analysis of company agreements, practices and unilateral commitments (e.g.: working time agreement, internal regulations)
  • Analysis of working time (monitoring of working time, overtime, specific arrangements for organising working time)
  • Study of remuneration systems (remuneration scale, variable remuneration, employee savings schemes, stock options, etc.)
  • Verification of compliance with the legal provisions on staff representation (Social and Economic Committee “CSE”)
  • Analysis of current or potential labour law disputes and assessment of related financial risks
  • Verification of mandatory postings, registers and social documents

Audit of payroll practices

  • Study of remuneration systems (benefits in kind, professional expenses, etc.)
  • Analysis of rules and practices regarding professional expenses
  • Verification of the valuation of benefits in kind
  • Study of absence management (paid leave, illness, etc.)
  • Compliance verification of social protection schemes (provident fund, health, supplementary pension)
  • Analysis of the controls carried out by the Administration (URSSAF, DIRECCTE, labour inspection)
  • Compliance analysis of pay slips with the provisions of employment contracts and collective agreements
  • Study of HR strategies and organisations, payroll audit