Statutory audit

Statutory audit – financial statement audit

Financial information is a key factor in terms of business strategy and gaining third party trust. We see the financial audit as a definitive guarantee of security for management, investors and shareholders. As part of the 6th largest network in the world, you can count on our support in crucial times.

Have you ever considered how a legal obligation could become an improvement opportunity for your business? Our statutory and financial statement audit teams are specialists in turning such obligations into value added processes.

We provide bespoke statutory audit advisory and financial statement advisory services, offering success and innovation that is:

  • Shared: the preparatory work is always carried out in active collaboration with your operational teams. This results in the creation of a shared analysis plan for a joint audit by our representative, your audit committee and your financial management team.
  • Targeted: the audit strategy is drawn up based on a thorough understanding of your organisation, both in terms of your activities and unique challenges on the horizon. We review your management and control processes to create a tailored action plan.
  • Pragmatic: our statutory audit approach is individually tailored, ensuring we focus on the risks that are specific to your business. We’ll attain expert knowledge of your specific financial, accounting, tax and social security features and achieve an analysis based on the realities facing your organisation.

An approach based on the standards of the international network

Our statutory audit services work to the audit methodology of the RSM International network and the ISA international audit standards. These standards are integrated into the French NEP reference system (Normes d’Exercice Professionnelles or Professional Conduct Standards). The structure of our working file is identical across all RSM offices worldwide, ensuring that our audits are always consistent. But they are always adapted to our client’s operational needs too.

For international groups, we strive to tailor our working standards to those of the country of the consolidating parent company. We achieve this via extensive coordination with the auditor of the lead company within the group. Our working charter also incorporates rigorous professional ethics procedures to ensure that we maintain complete independence.

Our offices are subject to annual quality controls, in accordance with international standard ISQC 1.

Other statutory audit services

In addition to statutory audit advisory, our teams also deal with audits relating to contributions, M&As, special benefits, declarations and due diligence. By combining our capacity to act at both international and local level, our signature is therefore noted as a badge of quality worldwide.