At the heart of every company is its people. As such, the most successful companies are those that understand the importance of individuals within the business and how to retain them. At RSM, our team of HR specialists help global organizations recruit, manage and retain their people.
Whether you’re just starting out or are well established, our team of HR consultants will work with you in the short, medium and long term to reform your HR processes and procedures, enabling you to grow in line with your ambitions.
We’ll work with you to understand your business, your organizational challenges and what you want to achieve. From there, our team of dedicated HR specialists will provide ongoing, tailored advice and support to help you revolutionize the way you manage your people.

What HR consulting services and support does RSM offer?

Norms and procedures handbook advice

A procedure and policy manual is a certified document that sets out your organization’s HR policies. It outlines everything from best practices to rules, procedures and policies.
It’s vital that these matters are handled correctly so, delving into matters such as disciplinary procedures and policies, we’ll offer strategic advice and guidance, making tailored recommendations to ensure your policies are clear, well thought-out and robust.  
Our human resource consultants will help you put together an employee handbook that not only communicates what’s expected to employees but creates a helpful resource that stands the test of time.

Recruitment and staff selection

Having the right employees that fit the company culture is paramount for any successful business. However, finding and hiring the right people can be time-consuming and challenging.
Our human resources consulting specialists will advise on the recruitment and staff selection process, enabling you to not only attract but retain the best candidates for the job.

Psychometric tests application

Ensuring your staff have the right aptitude for the role is crucial when hiring. Our HR consultants will help you hire the right candidates with our thorough psychometric tests.
Our innovative psychometric tests are a fair way of measuring a range of characteristics and personality traits that will help you sift through candidates easily.

Working environment analysis, development evaluations and salary studies

Our HR specialists understand the importance of thorough job evaluation and are on hand to ensure you are practicing salary equality. Developed by our HR specialists, we’ll work with you to understand how much each job role is worth to you as a business and offer tailored recommendations and analysis as to your working environment.

Business consulting

As a trusted team of experts, we offer tailored, in-depth advice on a multitude of matters. From revolutionising your HR processes to helping you implement change and unlock the potential of your business, our business consulting and HR specialists are dedicated to enabling your business to succeed.

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