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What is knowbe4?

KnowBe4 is the world's first platform specializing in security awareness training and simulated Phishing. Their goal is to help you deal with the issue of social engineering. Social engineering is when hackers target the human element of a computing system to gain access or steal money. This can come in the forms of Phishing, spear phishing, CEO fraud and various other techniques. Social engineering is a security risk that is hard to protect against completely as it relies on human error, which is impossible to completely remove. However, you can train and test your employees by using their platform and simulated Phishing. This lower the rate of human error and protect you and your company from social engineering threats. Ultimately, protecting your data, money and reputation.

knowbe4's services

Baseline testing
User Training
Baseline testing to provide statistics for how prone your company is to PhishingThey provide the world's largest library of security awareness training content
Simulated Phishing
Integrated Reporting system
Fully automated, simulated phishing attacks with thousands of reusable templates to train employeesEnterprise-strength reporting, showing everything necessary for both security awareness and phishing

Why should you use KnowBe4 with RSM?

KnowBe4 offers a unique service to help tackle social engineering risks. They have the world's largest library of security awareness content and they have thousands of reusable phishing templates to test your employees on. This is the most in depth solution to help tackle this major issue of social engineering. When using this platform together with RSM Hong Kong's cybersecurity experts, you will be able to craft a well designed cybersecurity system that protects you and your business from all possible threats. KnowBe4 and RSM offer you a unique opportunity to truly strengthen your cybersecurity, to ultimately protect your business from any potential attacks.

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security awareness training features

  1. Unlimited Use

  2. Engaging, Interactive Browser-based Training

  3. Brandable Content

  4. Upload Your Own Content

  5. Assessments

  6. Custom Phishing Templates and Landing Pages

  7. Phish Alert Button

  8. Social Engineering Indicators

  9. User Management

  10. Security Roles

  11. Advanced Reporting Feature

  12. Virtual Risk Officer™

  13. PhishER™