Our Purpose

At RSM, we exist to instill confidence in a world of change

As a guiding principle for every aspect of our business – from strategy and solutions to governance and behaviours - our Purpose defines our approach towards our people, clients, services, and community, and shapes the very essence of RSM.

Our Values

Every decision we make is guided by our values. They are the foundation of everything we do

Respect and uncompromising integrity

We do the right thing, ensuring our actions speak louder than our words.

Succeeding together

Succeeding together

We embrace inclusivity and individuality, and collaborate effectively to build strong relationships based on deep understanding.

Excellence in all we do


We continuously focus on quality, and strive to be the best in all we do, as individuals and collectively.

Impactful innovation

Impactful innovation

We welcome change and put insight and technology to work, making a real difference for our clients and our people.

Acting responsibly

Acting responsibly

We build a better future by demonstrating a responsibility to our people, clients, communities and planet.

Experience The Power of Being Understood 


The Power of Being Understood is all about confidence. When clients work with RSM, they are working with professionals who will take the time to truly understand them, who will bring tailored ideas and insight to their environment, and who are committed to helping them make confident decisions about their future. This is The Power of Being Understood. This is the RSM experience.  

Our Behaviours 

At RSM, we have a particular way of doing things that makes us unique. Our vision, our purpose, and our values define who we are, and in a similar way to a person’s DNA, give a structure to how we behave, how we grow and how we share that way of working with others. The RSM DNA comprises five characteristics that our clients and our people experience when they work with, or as part of, RSM.