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About Network Box

Network Box provides a variety of Internet Threat Prevention and Security devices, accessible in several hardware options to host plethora types of networks at any type of size, to ensure client security and provide services that spread across 7 continents, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

why Network Box?

Network Box’s mission is “to make effective internet security available and affordable to enterprises of all sizes”. To establish this, every Network Box is monitored and managed, to ensure optimum performance by their operations centres. They configure and install each device for you. With Security Operation Centres in worldwide, they fully ensure that their products are kept up to date against the very latest internet security threats. Additional highlights of Network Box are:

  1. Managed Cybersecurity Services
    Network Box manages your cybersecurity. As part of their services, their team of security engineers will manage and monitor your network from cyber threats. Ensuring that your network is rigorously protected and allowing you to concentrate on running your business.
  2. Push Technology
    Network Box’s main technologies are all sustained by patent and award-winning PUSH technology. Compared to standard security systems that tend to pull updates from a server once a day, Network Box vigorously PUSHes out and installs a variety of updates in seconds after they become available.
  3. Dark Web Monitoring Services
    The Dark Web Monitoring engine continuously scans data breaches from the Web, looking for your registered domains and email address, and generating reports of relevant data breaches found on the Dark Web.

why choose rsm as your Network Box partner?

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  Customer value

  • Strategic alliance with Network box
  • Unbiased guidance from certified professionals
  • Traffic analysis driven by cybersecurity experts
  • Management reporting based on network traffic analysis
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   qualified NETWORK BOX partner

  • Committed Network Box practice with resources
  • Trained professionals with experience in delivering complex business solutions, nationally and globally
  • Industry specialty and focal points are naturally incorporated in tailored configuration

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