Why do you need to enable your workers to work remotely?

With the rise of COVID-19, countless organisations across the world have been prompted to ask their employees to work remotely. For business leaders whose teams would normally collaborate within a physical office space, this has presented a host of fresh challenges and a need for a digital tranformation. Technology can enable your workers to seamlessly operate under the current conditions and potential future crises. RSM can provide you and your company the key solutions that you require to keep your business functioning under even the most extraneous circumstances with all the services and products that we offer. RSM can provide the link between you and the solution you need, through a variety of services and products.

Our services for digital tranformation:

  • One-stop shop for license procurement, implementation and support services
  • Rapid implementation on technology platform to help build sustainable distributed / remote office
  • Security and privacy assessment surrounding new technology enabling remote working arrangement
  • Advisory service over remote work policy, business continuity plan, best practices over psychological impact..


Video Conferencing Solutions
Mobile App Solutions
VPN Solutions
  • MS Teams & Zoom
  • Cisco WebEX
  • Scanning
  • Approvals & Signatures
  • VPN Setup
IT Solutions
Cloud-based solutions
  • IT Support
  • On-Screen troubleshooting
  • Cloud-based backup solutions
  • Google GSuite

How RSM Hong Kong can help you work remotely:

  • One-stop shop that understands how IT can support your business strategy, risk management and compliance functions
  • Scalability of IT headcounts as needed and wide coverage in infrastructure, network, applications and security-related tasks
  • Strategic planning that aligns with business needs and budget
  • Technical knowledge, certified professionals and industry experience
  • Partner's and manager's attention