What is an ERP system?



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is defined by the idea of managing various business processes through an integrated platform. An ERP system brings together processes such as inventory management, accounting, communication and so much more. This centralized platform makes all of the processes involved more efficient and effective. Implementing an ERP solution is the key to digital tranformation in your business and RSM will utilize its trained experts to implement the solution that you need to grow and streamline your business.

Deep industry knowledge

RSM Hong Kong has consultants who specialize in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, and more. No matter the size of your company, we take the time to understand your organization and strategy to build long-term cooperative relationships that help you solve your complex business problems. We provide comprehensive solutions for critical back-office functions, including technology and digital, finance and accounting, operations, and supply chain.

More than implementation

The system will likely not operate independently, with the best-of-breed approach there is a need to communicate and exchange data with other systems within the enterprise. Without a proper integration setup, it may lead to unsynchronized data problems. Our consultant team has integration experts to ensure your cross-platform implementation is a success. 

One-stop service

We are here to support you every step of the way, from initial requirement confirmation, solution design, to implementation, optimization, user training, support, and managed applications.

Global presence

Our team of consultants has experience with projects of various sizes, assisting our clients in implementing NetSuite in any part of the world where they operate in. We can utilize other RSM member firms within the Global Network to assist, offering solutions to address the local statutory requirements within the region. Our team also offers bilingual language capabilities (English and Chinese), working together with you as you expand your business worldwide.

Succeed in implementation

How to succeed in implementation?

Dedicated team

As a committed partner of Oracle, all RSM HK consultants follow the NetSuite certification training program which is certificated by Oracle to ensure you get the most from your NetSuite investment. With years of experience, RSM has a successful NetSuite implementation methodology, including process design, technology delivery, and business change and adoption.

Proven implementation methodology

To minimize any surprises and the need to rework the configuration at a later project stage, RSM follows the well-established System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model to ensure project success. Before any configuration or implementation work is carried out, our team of consultants will do an in-depth analysis and propose multiple solutions to the problem at hand, with recommendations to let our customers decide which is best for their business.

Key benefits to work with RSM


Strong expertise across a range of industries and sectors and a deep understanding of business challenges

A dedicated team of certified NetSuite specialists

More than just implementation, our team will also look after your needs with system integration, post-live support, continuous improvement & optimization, and managed applications.

Global network and international capabilities helping global businesses succeed

High-level Description of Managed-Application Services, NetSuite Support and NetSuite Optimization 


Served as a NetSuite administrator, we provide NetSuite Managed Application services to businesses with a small-scale IT department/ without an IT department. 

Our NetSuite Support services not only assist your business to fix daily troubleshooting issues, but we also help you to maintain the NetSuite system.

Our NetSuite Optimization services provide businesses with ongoing support and expertise to optimize their NetSuite implementation, improve operation efficiency and reduce risk.


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NetSuite support


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NetSuite optimization

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