Welcome to the 2017 RSM Hong Kong Transparency Report. This report is presented in accordance with the requirements of Article 40 of Directive 2006/43/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on statutory audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements.

After our successful global brand launch in 2015, we are now focused on embedding our new brand in the market.  We have experienced an exceptional year in terms of growth in business in 2016. 

To address the challenges of growth and the changes in audit reporting requirements and new rules and regulations, we have enhanced our methodology and the quality of our professional work.  We participated in a RSM global project to further unify and improve the audit methodology used by RSM member firms to improve quality and the consistency of audit practices. 

During the year, we expanded our service line offerings.  A new department, Technology Management Consulting (TMC), was set up to assist our clients in using Information Technology in their businesses.  Our TMC team also provides support to our audit teams to enhance the efficiency and quality of our audits.

The key cornerstone of our firm is Quality.  We compete by delivering the highest level of quality work and embrace the opportunities that come with change.  We provide an environment that supports a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, and demand the very best from ourselves and our people.

In the year ahead, although there are uncertainties in the global economy and in the political environment in Hong Kong, we remain confident and continue to make investments to ensure that our people and the systems and methodologies we employ are optimised to deliver the very best service to our clients and, at the same time, to act in the public interest.

Wong Poh Weng



31 March 2017


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