2017 was an exceptional year for RSM Hong Kong.  We were able to reap the benefits of the global brand of RSM.  Despite the challenges in the ever-changing business environment and tough regulatory climate, we were still able to record considerable growth during the year.

In RSM, quality is always the absolute cornerstone.  We strive our best to enhance our audit methodology and actively participate in the Global Audit Methodology project spearheaded by RSM Executive Office.  It is our belief that quality should be driven by “tone from the top”.   In RSM Hong Kong, quality is  ensured by the strategic direction set by the top management and the execution of our Quality Assurance and Risk Containment Policies and Procedures.

Another important cornerstone in RSM is People.  We can only deliver quality services to our clients when we have good and well trained talents with effective tools and equipment.  Hence, we are also committed to invest in our people to continuously improve their professional knowledge and integrity.  In today’s business world, information technology can provide the edge over the competitors and is the key to success.  With the newly set up Technology Management Committee, we are able to provide valuable support to our audit team and offer advice and solutions to our client’s IT systems and security.


Wong Poh Weng



30 April 2018


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