RSM Technology Monthly Alert - August 2020

IT Insights

Odoo wins Trends-Tendances' “Deal of the Year”

Odoo has recently been announced as winning the prestigious Trends-Tendances’ “Deal of the Year”. This has happened after Odoo was shortlisted for two awards from Belgium’s top Economic and Finance magazine. Odoo earned the award for a €82 Million investment deal which boosted their evaluation to being over €400. This investment solidified Odoo, as part of the deal was top Odoo management buying the company’s shares, which sent a strong message to the market. This shows the bright future and the potential which Odoo has, to continue growing and how Odoo continues to be a key player in the ERP ecosystem.

BlackLine survey finds that the pandemic accelerated tech adoption

A survey done by BlackLine has found out that the trend of adopting technology into businesses has accelerated due to the pandemic, as businesses attempt to avoid business interruptions brought on by it. This survey was done with 780 Accounting professionals and many of these professionals stated that they felt an urgency to embrace technology, while over 80% of the participants stated that they expected to complete the financial close process digitally this year. This all shows the direction that the world is moving in, because of the pandemic and how technology continues to grow in importance in the modern world. So, for businesses to remain relevant in these times, they need to effectively digitally transform to handle the challenges presented by the current climate and the pandemic.

Automation Anywhere named a 2020 Magic Quadrant Leader for RPA

Automation Anywhere has been named the leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for RPA for the second year running. This has come after a strong year in 2019, where Automation Anywhere continued to drive its progress forward. They delivered an industry first by introducing the only cloud-native and web-based intelligent automation platform in the Enterprise A2019. This innovation is more impressive when considered in conjunction with the scale of their operation as they have deployed more than 2.1 million bots to deal with more than 10 000 different processes. Automation Anywhere continues to be the industry front runner when it comes to RPA and they show no signs of slowing down in the future.

System Updates

NetSuite 2020 release 2 enables new automation and adds big new features to help businesses save time and resources

NetSuite 2020 release 2 marks the second major update for the flagship ERP platform this year. This release delivers more insights and capabilities to over 20 000 customers around the world. Some of the highlights include Invoice Grouping, SuitePeople performance management, Application performance management and much more. These updates span across multiple areas of service on the platform. Examples of these improved areas are Financial Operational Excellence and Customer engagement. This all shows the willingness of NetSuite to remain on the cutting edge, so that they can offer their customers the best services possible. This update expands upon NetSuite’s strengths and it makes the future of the platform extremely promising and exciting.

KnowBe4 launches new browser password inspector tool

KnowBe4 recently launched a new, complimentary browser password inspector tool. This tool is designed to protect business from ransomware attacks, credential theft and account takeovers. Businesses face high threat levels from employees saving passwords in browsers, because employees often reuse passwords for both personal and work accounts. KnowBe4’s password inspector tool analyses your employee’s passwords, by looking at their strength, the frequency of use and other metrics to spotlight areas of potential risk. This new complementary function from KnowBe4 highlights the ability of this cybersecurity firm to continue developing and evolving to protect your business against various risk factors.

Cybersecurity Announcements

Keep your eyes peeled for cybersecurity threats during Covid-19

All businesses need to constantly be looking out for cyber threats. This is even more true during the COVID-19 pandemic, as there has been a significant rise in Corona Virus related spam, and phishing attacks have grown exponentially. This means that during this time businesses must watch out for phishing emails, fake websites, fake calls, and false advertising. Remaining vigilant and careful online has become more important now than it ever has been, due to this rise in cyber threats. One of the key ways to mitigate this risk is to implement an employee training programme to make employees within your company aware of the risks and dangers, and it can show them how to remain careful and how to handle the situation if it arises. Ultimately, you must remain constantly vigilant during these times when it comes to these cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity firm, despite panddemic challenges, posts 25% growth in Q2

KnowBe4’s employee base has grown to over 1000 employees as it continues to deal with its current large-scale growth. KnowBe4’s sales in the second quarter this year grew by 25% compared to the same time-period last year, despite the pandemic and challenges that they have had to face here. This has been a result of the large-scale trend of working from home and the cybersecurity risks that are associated with this. This means that KnowBe4 has been able to gain more traction with their 33 000 organizations who trust and use their platform. Ultimately, this shows the bright potential of the KnowBe4 platform and how their platform is a key solution in dealing with cybersecurity threats like social engineering.