IT Insights

Digital transformation and innovation take charge

Mr. Jason YAU, RSM Technology and Management Consulting partner, who is also the judge in the upcoming Asian Technology Excellence Award 2022, shared his insights with the Asian Business Review recently regarding his career journey at RSM, challenges and solutions of digital transformation journey, current IT trends in TMT industry, and the cybersecurity and sustainability development.

Samsung Elec starts 3-nanometre chip production to lure new foundry customers

Samsung has begun mass production of 3nm chips, surpassing its biggest competitor TSMC. The new chips will be built on the Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor structure, reducing 45% area while providing 30% higher performance and 50% lower power consumption compared to the existing 5nm chips.

Will NFT, metaverse developments in Hong Kong help deliver the city’s next ‘Octopus moment’ in a post-pandemic world?

When the Octopus card was launched in 1997, it became a symbol of what could be accomplished in a city with world-class infrastructure, business-friendly policies, and an expanding pool of skilled talent. A vibrant community of metaverse and NFT enthusiasts has already formed in Hong Kong. Artists have adopted cryptocurrencies to sell their artwork as NFTs, while various cartoon avatar projects are vying for people's attention. Web3 will eventually touch every industry, according to a Hong Kong-based entrepreneur.

System Updates

Build collaborative apps in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently added “Live Share”, a new interactive experience in Microsoft Teams, allowing users to co-watch, co-edit and co-create. Soon, the ServiceDesk Plus Cloud app will allow everyone working on the ticket to get the latest updates and trigger service desk tasks without switching tabs.

Accounting automation should be a priority right now

Officers of companies want to achieve more without increasing the headcount, especially during an economic downturn with a labour shortage and inflation. Automating manual accounting tasks brings far-ranging benefits to businesses including increased efficiency, lower labour costs, better data quality and risk mitigation. Automating the time-consuming manual tasks overcomes the limitations of manual data entry and spreadsheet-based processes with a complete solution that increases productivity and improves data quality.

Cybersecurity Announcements

Don't ditch PowerShell to improve security, say infosec agencies from UK, US, and NZ

Windows PowerShell has sometimes been touted as a liability, but infosec agencies from the UK, US and NZ have published a paper suggesting otherwise. The agencies instead recommend securing PowerShell prudently in a paper that argues the benefits of securing PowerShell outweigh the risks. This article also stated additional advices to help defenders detect and prevent abuse of PowerShell by malicious cyber actors, while enabling legitimate use by administrators.

Microsoft 365 login details being targeted in new phony voicemail campaign

A novel phishing campaign has been hitting U.S. firms in various sectors to obtain Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook credentials. Threat actors behind it is luring victims into opening a malicious HTML file with bogus voicemail notifications. Obfuscated JavaScript code redirects the victim to a phishing website. Users should always check and validate they are on a legitimate login site before submitting or even starting to write their username and password.