How ChatGPT is helping you achieve your goals

ChatGPT increases the effectiveness and accessibility of online communication by enhancing natural and personalized interactions. In addition, ChatGPT can support the user’s motivation and attention once the goals have been established. Depending on the progress, it can offer tailored guidance and encouragement and help identify areas of improvement. It can also advise on how to overcome obstacles and difficulties that arise along the way with its advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. With all these features, ChatGPT is creating new possibilities for online interactions and communication.


New technology turns smartphones into RFID readers, saving costs and reducing waste

The technology developed by engineers at the University of California San Diego combines a chip integrated into product packaging and a software update on the phone. The phone, as an RFID reader, becomes capable of identifying objects based on signals the chip emits. The project takes advantage of breakthroughs in backscatter communication, which reroutes signals created by the smartphone in a way that the phone can interpret. The broader promise of the technology is the development of devices that can harvest power from LTE signals instead of batteries. As a result, electronics would become substantially less expensive and would have a longer lifespan of several decades.


How guided selling and proposal automation make it easier for sellers to sell

B2B sales teams are constantly looking to optimize their selling process. The quicker a representative can deliver a precise quote or sales order, the better. But antiquated sales processes and outdated tools will bring problems including missed upsell opportunities, prolonged sales training, confusing proposals, and slow response. While configure, price, quote (CPQ) software helps build perfect proposals quickly with evolution in guided selling engines and automated proposal generation. NetSuite CPQ guided selling and proposal generator empowers representatives to profitably and readily suggest complimentary products to increase deal size.


The Microsoft Intune Suite fuels cyber safety and IT efficiency

Microsoft Intune Suite is launched to unify advanced endpoint management and security solutions into one simple package. Integrating with Microsoft Security and Microsoft 365, it enables IT and security teams with data science and AI to increase automation. Besides, it has significant capabilities in remote helpdesks, mobile app and specialty device management, cloud certificate, etc. As a survey indicated that more people were using multiple tools to manage and protect their digital estate, Intune Suite may be helpful in this regard. Firstly, the Intune Suite delivers integration at several levels to increase protection and heighten device security. Also, it can simplify the approach to advanced endpoint management. Furthermore, the Intune Suite offers a variety of cost-saving options.


Backdoors used in 21% of cyberattacks

The 2023 IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index states that access to organizations' systems, networks, and applications is currently the most valued commodity in the dark web marketplaces, which impacts how cybercriminals target businesses. It is a common practice to penetrate organizations through infiltration techniques like spear phishing and the exploitation of software vulnerabilities, then followed by the deployment of backdoors and ransomware. The most common cyberattack impact is extortion, achieved through ransomware or business email compromise attacks. It is crucial to regularly re-evaluate one’s systems, networks, and applications to avoid exploitation.


Hacker leaks 73M records from Indian HDFC Bank subsidiary

A hacker leaked 7.5GB of customer data containing over 72 million entries, belonging to HDB Financial Services, a subsidiary of India’s largest private bank, HDFC Bank. The leaked data includes personal information, employment information, and even transaction data of HDB’s consumers who had applied for loans between May 2022 and February 2023. The same hacker also recently breached Acer Inc., leaking a vast amount of sensitive information. The leak of such a large amount of sensitive customer data raises concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy, highlighting the importance of robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access and ensure information safety.