RSM Technology Monthly Alert - August 2021

IT Insights

Data privacy in China: Beijing to define data that will not be allowed to leave the country easily

China is soon to release an in-depth guideline for restricting overseas transfer of “important data”. These data are to be classified into 8 categories depending on its impact on national security. Under new legislation, companies that transfer the country’s “core data” overseas without authority’s approval will face a penalty of up to 10 million yuan (US$1.56 million) and could be forced to shut down.

Boards are undergoing their own digital transformation

Organizations have been forced to embrace new digital solutions in respond to the impacts brought by the pandemic. Among those affected, board members are one of the pivotal groups that have succumb to radical digital changes. The pandemic has accelerated the need for technology-oriented board members; 83% of the board directors surveyed identified cybersecurity as a top priority.

System Updates

NetSuite adds performance charts to SuitePeople

NetSuite has introduced a performance chart system to the overall suite in order to boost not only staff moral but also to provide a visual representation of the overall work performance. Additionally, SuiteAnalytics brings language support, so that users are now able to perform data analytics in their language of choice.

Workato’s Sales Insight Bot improves our team’s speed to lead

Workato has created a chatbot “Marketo Sales Insight Bot” that can be customised into a suitable chatbot for your organisation. The bot aims to help organisation to determine which users may be potential marketing targets and improve their outreach speed.

Cybersecurity News

Why remote working leaves us vulnerable to cyber-attacks

Remote working has been the trend especially since the pandemic, recent survey found that many employees have picked up bad cyber-security habits while remote working, some expressed the feeling of less scrutinised by their IT department now prior to the pandemic. Casey Ellis, founder of security platform - BugCrowd said "Social engineering and phishing work best when there's a climate of uncertainty”.

How to determine the cybersecurity level of your value chain

Assessing potential risk from third-parties access to business systems have always been a headache to many organizations. For better decision making, 5 mechanisms can be used in order to assess the level of security provided by third parties: questionnaires, audits, certifications, external ratings, and improved ratings.