IT Insights

Apple seeks geniuses to work on 6G cellular modem before it's even shipped own 5G chip

Back in 2020, when 5G has first launched to the globe, it was an excellent time to be a wireless communications architect or an AI engineer. Moving to the coming decades, indeed, many technicians will be looking for a jump-start on 6G modems. As a giant in the technology industry, Apple is now trying to look for the possible use of 6G in the metaverse.

New ways into the lucrative world of data science

Over the last decade, technology firms have been scrambling to find talents to perform sophisticated analytical tasks in data science. Undoubtfully, stepping forwards to the tech-advanced modern society, data science is treated as an asset for companies. To bring many opportunities for businesses, we need to learn and make good use of data and dive into data analysis.

System Updates

NetSuite releases new tools to drive sales, improve cash flow at SuiteWorld 2021

NetSuite has released new tools to drive sales, improve cash flow. The latest improvements are designed to help customers acquire clients, optimize cash management and profitability, enhance their products and service offerings, and empower their employees. The supply planning function is also upgraded and rebuilt, together with improved infrastructure and UX.

Managing marketplace commerce with NetSuite

Instead of competing against marketplace giants, companies could adopt new marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, expand globally, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and boost sales. NetSuite has enabled marketplace selling by becoming the central hub for the company’s data and provided a single, natively unified cloud-based commerce solution of applications for e-commerce, point-of-sale (POS), order and inventory management, CRM, and ERP.

Cybersecurity Announcements

How to defend against mobile app impersonation

Despite tight security measures by Google/ Apple, cybercriminals are still finding ways to bypass fake app checks to plant malware on mobile devices. Most users install applications through legitimate channels such as the Google Play Store or the Apple Store with complete trust in information security. However, it is still possible for cybercriminals to bypass the security checks and impersonate the application. Therefore, it is essential to the defense against mobile app impersonation with effective methods.

What China’s new data laws are and their impact on big tech

This year, China has just passed new data laws named The Data Security Law and Personal Information Protection Law. Having new laws implied and the management control over data would become more cautious. Also, this will make it even more costly for companies to store Chinese user data overseas. Not only the locals should pay attention to these new laws, but also the overseas parties.