RSM Technology Monthly Alert - January 2022

IT Insights

The data must flow: America's 'Team Telecom' backs switch-on of Google and Meta's US-APAC undersea cable

Security agencies in the United States have recommended the FCC approves the switch-on of a mega US-to-APAC undersea cable. The Pacific Light Cable Network would bring lower latency, security, and greater bandwidth to Google users in the APAC region. The cable system increases internet capacity between countries and builds state-of-the-art, secure subsea cables to protect all data through advanced encryption.

Boeing and Airbus warn US over 5G safety concerns

Although the 5G networking is under rapid development and has been deployed by many countries and telecoms, concerns have previously been raised that the C-Band spectrum 5G wireless could interfere with aircraft electronics. The 5G interference could adversely affect the ability of aircraft to operate safely. To limit the interference, preventive measures are of utmost importance. Technology can drive us to the next level, but at the same time, we need to pay attention to the drawbacks.

Why combine chatbots and RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is being adopted by enterprises worldwide by leaps and bounds. In today’s advanced technology, someone suggested emerging the RPA and chatbots to provide customer service, support sales, generate sales leads, and give all legacy systems a conversational interface. Bringing chats and RPA together can solve common headaches for enterprises and help enterprises overcome customer support challenges while saving human support reps to answer complex questions or build relationships, therefore saving more time and effort.

System Updates

Custom pistol manufacturer ditches QuickBooks, manages growth with NetSuite

A spike in Nighthawk Custom Firearms’ business during the past two years necessitated a re-evaluation of the capabilities of its QuickBooks accounting system, as it couldn’t keep up with that growth. Therefore, the company began searching for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and selected NetSuite because of the cloud-based platform’s extensive functionality, the Advanced Manufacturing, Bill of Materials (BOM) and Work-in-Process modules, and plans to add NetSuite’s payroll module and integrate it with a third-party billing app. Having all these customised functionalities in one package would encourage companies like Nighthawk to implement NetSuite.

Automation 360 innovations to wrap up the year

Automation 360 v.23 has been released, which is an industry-leading cloud-native intelligent automation platform to improve automation capabilities and tools, and to generate new use cases. For Automation 360, several packages are being improved, such as “Credential”, “String”, “File Condition” and “Number” packages. In terms of Discovery Bot, the enhancement includes a simplified analyst flow which will generate insightful information relating to the Return on Investment (ROI) and other analytics pertaining to specific opportunity. In addition, the accuracy of document processing and offline team collaboration are enhanced.

Cybersecurity Announcements

The Log4J vulnerability will haunt the internet for years

A vulnerability in the open-source Apache logging library Log4j sent system administrators and security professionals scrambling. Hackers have been exploiting the bug since the beginning of December 2021. According to a recent Microsoft report, they have exploited the flaw to install crypto miners on vulnerable systems, steal system credentials, burrow deeper within compromised networks, and steal data. Companies should therefore pay more attention to cybersecurity to prevent any hacks. Having a vulnerable system in the enterprise may bring unexpected risks.

The “office of the CISO”: a new structure for cybersecurity governance

Nowadays, the CISO role is no longer purely technical, focused on hardware and endpoint protection and operations within the organisational perimeter. It is likely for the CISO to be involved with software security, cloud applications, security awareness, and user training. However, just a single CISO may struggle to run all aspects of cybersecurity and risk in an enterprise. Therefore, one idea is to establish the ‘office of the CISO’ and emerge around a ‘Super CISO’ with overall responsibility for security and risk, heading up individual CISOs or security leads for business units or geographies.