RSM Technology Monthly Alert - October 2021

IT Insights

How AI helped thwart a cyberattack at the Tokyo Olympics

Credit to the assistance of a cybersecurity AI, an attempted cyberattack during the Tokyo Olympics was thwarted. The potential attack could harm the athletes’ reputation and threatened their safety. These days, AI has emerged as one of the critical transformative tools for organisations across every sector.

Bring your APIs out of the shadows to protect your business

Unknown or forgotten API endpoints having no attention and protection of IT, may present a potential risk to your organizations. To better protect your corporate data, it is of utmost importance to identify every API endpoint in use within your organization, implement proper governance and compliance to secure them.

System Updates

Control inventory costs with a quality management system

Supply chain challenges constantly confound manufacturers and businesses. A good quality management program could effectively minimize waste. NetSuite’s Quality Management solution helps businesses and manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products with minimal overhead. With NetSuite, the company can better control inventory by having formalized and automated policies, standards, and practices.

Cybersecurity News

Cybersecurity automation: the future of security in the new world

In today's digital-first world, corporates should put cybersecurity on the top of the list.  Intelligent cybersecurity automation is essential for companies to design an effective security architecture, security solution powered by robotic process automation (RPA) artificial intelligence, machine learning provides better insights from data sets and finds patterns that are usually not obvious to the human eye.

Improper hard drive disposal leads to health data breach for 100K

HealthReach Community Health Centres in Waterville, Maine, have leaked over 100,000 of their patients’ data due to improper hard drive disposal. Organizations need to stay on top of employees’ IT negligence and information security training to better secure their data. External sabotages are an obvious threat, but improper information security practices can be equally detrimental.

Microsoft's passwordless plans lets users switch to app-based login

Microsoft has announced users can now use an authenticator app or other methods for login instead of using traditional passwords. Users often use repeated formula or the same password on multiple websites, which give higher chances for hackers to guess or reveal them in a data breach. Microsoft suggest a new passwordless feature to reduce the risk of phishing and password attacks.