Accelerate your digital transformation journey subsidised by Hong Kong Government relief measure and support schemes

COVID-19 has led to unprecedented changes to our world, our businesses and our daily lives. Throughout the last few months, the Government of Hong Kong SAR (“HKGov”) and numerous local organisations have introduced different relief measure and support schemes to assist business communities in getting through this crisis. Specifically, there are a number of relief measures and funding support schemes focus on leveraging the power of technology to help businesses in responding to new customer behaviors and employee collaboration.

Here is a list of selected funding support schemes:

Program Organisation Amount Application Period Project Duration Limit

BUD Fund

Hong Kong Productivity Council



24 months

Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Innovation and Technology Commission



12 months

Enterprise Support Scheme (ESS)

Innovation and Technology Commission



24 months

RSM Technology is keen to assist our valuable customers in tapping into these government funding assistances and kickstart your digital transformation. We have introduced a new service offering known as “Remote Working Enablement” (RWE).

Here is a list of products and services:

Microsoft Office 365

Google GSuite

Videoconferencing tools


Office automation

Cloud accounting

Cybersecurity solutions

VPN setup

IT remote support

Cloud-based backup






Our RWE services is not to only enable your employees to be effectively working from home – we also think one-step further and assist your business in adopting the changes in business environment and customer behavior, by implementing the appropriate technology, including cloud-based Point-of-Sales (POS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). At the same time, we will help you with assessing the potential cybersecurity risks associated with the technology implementation.

Please contact RSM Hong Kong Technology for a complimentary consultation and discuss how we can assist your business with tapping into government subsidies and implement the latest technology to counter COVID-19.