IT Insights

Why sustainable tech is becoming a top initiative for execs

IT analyst giant Gartner has identified sustainable technology as the only strategic IT trend which traverses all three key themes: optimize, scale, and pioneer. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are now a top-three priority for investors, forcing organisations to invest more in solutions designed to address these shifts and meet sustainability goals. A new sustainable technology framework and technologies such as traceability, analytics, AI, and renewable energy help organizations increase the efficiency of IT services and enable enterprise sustainability. Achieving IT sustainability is a long journey, Gartner recommends organizations designate a group to delineate a long-term sustainability strategy and start with simple tasks like improving energy efficiency.


The importance of intelligent automation for enterprises in 2022

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and forced companies to automate their business processes, turning to robotic process automation (RPA) in efforts to reduce costs and gain resource efficiencies where repetitive processes exist. Intelligence automation (IA), known as the next natural evolutionary form of RPA, weaves capabilities such as natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning into standard RPA to deal with complex and unstructured inputs. IA does not require a deep understanding of the technology behind it, nor does it need trained IT professionals to use it which enables organizations to further streamline processes and simplify workflows for customer experience improvement.

System Updates

Day 2 keynote focuses on how NetSuite updates deliver on top business priorities

At Day 2 keynote of SuiteWorld 2022, the founder of NetSuite has announced a series of updates that aim to deliver four critical outcomes for the success of a business: optimize cash and profits, hire and empower employees, acquire and grow customers, and create and deliver products and services. For SuiteBanking, the new AP automation capabilities enable customers to track and settle their HSBC virtual card balances and the account reconciliation tool automatically matches transactions across all journals and general ledger accounts. NetSuite has also released a workforce management solution for managers to adjust employee scheduling based on business demands and the Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) tool for customers to adjust their requirements and request a quote in one click.


From helping people thrive with Viva to creating hybrid Teams Rooms experiences—here’s what’s new in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has implemented updates on Microsoft Viva, offered new Microsoft Teams Rooms features for hybrid meetings, and launched new security and management capabilities in Windows 11 to empower employees and align everyone in the company around their work. Viva helps managers and teams create clarity through better goal-setting and continuous feedback, while Teams Rooms delivers inclusive meeting experiences for both the in-room and remote attendees. To secure the hybrid work environment, the first major update of Windows 11 includes virtualization-based security to isolate confidential data, enhanced phishing protection, and centralized control on software installation.

Cybersecurity Announcements

Ransomware: This is how half of attacks begin, and this is how you can stop them

While over half of ransomware attacks started with malicious hackers taking advantage of unpatched cybersecurity issues to exploit vulnerabilities in remote and internet-facing systems, utilizing compromised credentials stolen through phishing attacks and information-stealing malware is another major entry point for the incidents. Despite the methods for initiating ransomware campaigns, ransomware remains a major threat and is facilitated by the gaps in security control framework. Organizations should apply security patches and individuals should apply multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect their networks against ransomware and other malware attacks.


Optus data breach: how to protect yourself from credit fraud

Optus, the second largest telecom company in Australia, reported a cyberattack compromising data of up to 11 million customers including names, physical and email addresses, and drivers’ license and passport numbers. Optus customers are provided with the option to take up a free 12-month subscription to a credit monitoring and identity protection service that can help reduce the risk of identity theft. Implementing a credit ban is an alternative for customers to protect themselves as it prevents creditors from accessing the credit report as part of a credit check and prevents someone else from fraudulently taking out credit in their names.