Joint-effort between RSM Hong Kong and corporations once again ease the living burden of low-income families

Hong Kong’s pandemic situation has stabilised since mid-April, the Education Bureau announced that schools are allowed to resume half-fay face-to-face classes, so that students can return to school life. Students are required to purchase their own Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) kits and conduct daily test. The additional expenditure will undoubtedly increase the financial burden of many low-income families, especially those with more than one student, where the costs are multiplied. In view of this, RSM Hong Kong has once again successfully paired businesses up with a non-profit organisation through the “All hands on deck, fight the epidemic” campaign, and continued to support the community by donating anti-pandemic resources.

RSM Hong Kong is honored to receive the generous support of Hong Kong Optical Trading Limited and Micron Eyewear Manufactory Co. Ltd. to donate a total of 5,000 RAT kits to The Hub Hong Kong. Mr. Eugene Liu, Managing Partner of RSM Hong Kong, together with Ms. Natalie Ling, Managing Director of Micron Eyewear Manufactory Co. Ltd., attended the donation ceremony. Ms. Josephine Leung, Executive Director and Ms. Natty Wong, Fundraising & Engagement Manager of The Hub Hong Kong, accepted the donations on behalf of their organisations.

Hong Kong Optical has been established for nearly 70 years and is an established brand of eyewear supplier in Hong Kong, and Micron Eyewear, the third largest frame manufacturer in China, has also taken root in Hong Kong for around 30 years. Ms. Natalie Ling, Managing Director of Micron Eyewear said, “Both Hong Kong Optical and Micron Eyewear persistently pursuing product optimisation over the years, and at the same time, we have not forgotten to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We care for not only the vision health but also the all-around development of our students, in order to foster the next generation of Hong Kong, hoping that they can grow up without barriers and become the pillars of the future of the society.”

Mr. Eugene Liu, Managing Partner of RSM Hong Kong understands that the epidemic has caused many low-income families to experience financial difficulties. Although anti-epidemic supplies are now abundant in the market, low-income families may not be able to pay. In addition to the financial support from the Government, the Firm ambitious to continuously support this group affected by the epidemic through district service center.

The Hub Hong Kong has been providing comprehensive support to underprivileged children and youth since 2013. Making use of their extensive network, anti-pandemic resources could be precisely and efficiently delivered to the needy. Ms. Josephine Leung, Executive Director of The Hub shared, “To date, we have distributed over 30,000 masks, 20,000 packs of daily necessities, and arranged over 1,000 zoom lessons and homework support classes, provided appropriate support to children and their families in need, with more than 20,000 service times.”