Why you need cybersecurity:

Any organisation can be vulnerable to attack or the break down and failure of their IT systems. From flaws in the design of the infrastructure and weak configuration settings to the failure to apply security patches or poor security management – risks exist in many areas.

Unauthorised access to your systems and your data can have serious operational, financial or legal implications. It can also damage your business reputation. Even firewalls and antivirus technologies are prone to vulnerabilities as hackers constantly develop new ways to exploit any security weakness.

We offer a variety of specialised cybersecurity consulting services to reduce the risk and impact of unauthorised system access. Our IT assurance professionals provide advice to help you make sure your systems – and the processes they support – function as intended. As part of our cybersecurity advisory services, we will create appropriate contingencies that lets your business operate as usual in the event of being unable to access systems.

Our cybersecurity consulting services assess all significant risks and ensure they are managed appropriately. In addition, our highly skilled team offers IT assurance solutions to better equip you to achieve your objectives. Since its establishment in Hong Kong in 1975, RSM Hong Kong has seen the development and implementation of IT systems in businesses. As such, no firm is better placed to assist with the cybersecurity consulting for your business.

Our dedicated cybersecurity advisory teams have the knowledge and experience in information technology reviews, information security and internal audits to provide you with the insight you need to fully understand how your IT systems are being used and where the risks are.

Our Cybersecurity Consulting Services:

  • Cybersecurity Review: Assess your current risk exposure following industry standards including ISACA CSX, AICPA SOC for Cybersecurity, CSA STAR Attestation
  • Ethical Hacking: Perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing over IT infrastructure, business/web applications and SQL databases
  • WebTrust Audit: Perform WebTrust audit for certificate authority under AICPA/CICA Trust Service principles and provide WebTrust Seal on a company’s website
  • IT Audit: Perform IT review procedures using industry-leading software to support financial audit or independent IT attestation requirements – including ISO27001, ISAE3402, SSAE 16 SOC etc.
  • Post implementation review: Review logical and system controls to ensure these are adequate – and assist in setting up the appropriate configurations in the system
  • System UAT test: Perform independent user acceptance testing (UAT) for business applications by RSM-certified consultants
  • Business continuity planning: Review and streamline existing IT business continuity plans (BCP) for network, infrastructure, business applications and data backups 

Our products :


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KnowBe4 is an all-in-one cybersecurity platform designed to tackle the security risk of social engineering through employee training and simulated phishing.

Rapid7 Metasploit & John the Ripper   

Top-ranked leading vulnerability scanning and penetration testing software

CaseWare & IDEA

Optimized IT audit software and testing programs


IT audit systems with risk scores over active directory, file servers, office 365, SharePoint, SQL database, NetApp, network devices

Our value propositions:

  • One-stop shop that provide C-Suite level of expertise in advising your business strategy, risk management and compliance functions
  • Recommendation on enabling security technology to secure your organization's data, virtual assets and intellectual property
  • In-house experience that allows striking a balance over cost-benefit consideration
  • Technical capabilities, certified professionals and industry knowledge
  • Partner's and manager's attention

Explore how we can protect you with our IT assurance services. When bespoke cybersecurity solutions from specialists with a truly international reach is what your organisation is looking for, don’t hesitate – contact us today.